St. Saviour’s School is a friendly and caring international learning community in which everyone is valued and included. Children are happy to come to school, are well-motivated learners and treat each other thoughtfully and with respect.

Our principal aim is to teach a child in the way that they can learn best. Each child is unique, and a well rounded education must take into account their wider experiences, personal motivation and innate learning styles. We aim to equip our children, not only with an excellent academic grounding, but also with qualities of character to see them through thier lives beyond school

It is clear to us that the children thrive when their learning experiences are fuelled by a spirit of adventure, both within and far beyond the curriculum.

It is this motivation and contagious spirit and celebration of life, alongside the child’s evolving knowledge and growing wisdom, that, we believe, will empower the individual child to make a confident and positive impact upon their own life, as well as the lives of those within the wider community, both now and in the future.

​Consequently our teaching is forward thinking and innovative in range and depth.We have two classes of 23 pupils per year group and each year group has a dedicated team of three qualified teachers and, two teaching assistants per Key Stage 1 class and one per Key Stage 2 class. Our staff are highly qualified, experienced practitioners who are well versed in providing outstanding learning opportunities. We believe that all young people should be valued equally and that every child has the right to an education that meets their individual needs and enables them to enjoy their learning, be safe and healthy and make a positive contribution to their school and wider community.

​All our students have access to sustained, first class teaching and our high ratio of adult to children enables us to concentrate on every child as an individual and provide personalised learning throughout the school. We believe that all young people should be offered every opportunity to maximise their potential regardless of race, class or gender through a creative and flexible curriculum that stimulates superb learning and encourages engagement.

We follow the English National Curriculum for literacy, numeracy and science and the International Primary Curriculum for humanities. The principle of the IPC is to focus on a combination of academic, personal, and internationally themed learning for children combined with innovative, exciting and engaging ways to learn. We focus on eight Personal Goals and put these values for life at the heart of everything we do. To find out more about our curriculum and personal goals please follow the Curriculum tab.

Our proudest achievement is always to help individuals to discover their own passions and interests that add a new dimension to their lives. We know our children and plan for a truly personalised learning experience. We have differentiation teachers in every year group supporting and extending the learning for all our pupils.

Our students are our future and our aim is to ensure they can make a full contribution to a future global community. The approach of thinking of others before oneself is embedded into our curriculum and through the teaching of tolerance, respect and understanding we truly celebrate the wonderful diversity of cultures we are lucky enough to enjoy each day. Our school ethos, based on consideration, courtesy and respect for others equips our students to have the confidence and ability to enjoy a fruitful and successful life.

I hope you are encouraged by what you have read and if you need any more information please contact the school directly.

I look forward to meeting you.

Craig Heaton