At St. Saviour’s School Ikoyi we believe that a child who is happy and safe in their environment will flourish; Pastoral Care is at the core of everything we do at St. Saviour’s.

Our staff understand that each child needs subtly different approaches to make the best progress. Our teachers are highly skilled, motivated and compassionate, and they are deeply committed to their work. Every child enjoys the continuity of working daily with their class teacher, as well as with subject specialists.

In small classes with an average of 23 pupils, we use both traditional teaching and learning methods, and innovative approaches using IT, inquiry-based projects and peer-to-peer learning. We actively teach and model our personal goals of respect, morality, Enquiry, Thoughtfulness, Cooperation, Resilience, Communication, Adaptability every day and in every activity, we do.

St. Saviour’s is a Christian school in the Anglican tradition, accepting children of all beliefs who share our core values

The Independent Schools Inspection Report found ‘The quality of pupils’ personal development is excellent. They are polite and courteous, and treat others with respect.’