Drama & Music


Drama at St. Saviour's is five-star entertainment!

From Reception to Year 6, the children have a dedicated drana lesson each week with a dedicated specialist Drama teacher. We believe that through drama, your child will develop self-esteem, confidence and exceptional communication skills.

There is an opportunity to perform in every year group; in Year 6, the pupils put together an evening of variety entertainment on a theme. In recent years we have produced Jesus Christ Superstar, Oliver, Lion King and Obesaki.


The musical life at St. Saviour's is vibrant and filled with lots of fun activities and events for all ages and ability levels.

There are so many opportunities to make music at St. Saviour's and every child can take part - whether performing a violin solo, playing in the musical recital, or singing in assembly.

Within the curriculum every child has a weekly music lesson with a dedicated, specialist teacher. We also have visiting specialist instrumental teachers and the majority of children learn an instrument.

Throughout the year there are numerous musical events and productions.

The school prepares the children for the ABRSM exams.